We're looking into getting some stickers made for the site. Before we do so we want to gauge interest, as well as what color(s) would be most popular. The sticker itself will be approximately 2.25" tall by 21.5" wide. It should fit nicely above the window, on the side of the hood, above the rear wheel or the middle of some aftermarket bumpers. Initially we'll be running the stickers in one of three colors, unless another color pops up as highly desired. Black, silver, white. If you vote for other, post what you want in a reply.


Available colors (may differ...
Trail Ride Gilmer Video
Here is a video I put together from the camera I had attached to my Jeep.

A list of picture and video host will be compiled in the next post to this thread. Please note that while there are many services out there, we're only going to list the ones who provide a great user experience for owners and visitors. Some of the free host options overload the albums with way too many advertisements, limit the bandwidth causing delays in viewing or have poorly designed systems that limit capability.

For those who already have a host there's a few ways to share those pics and vids. While posting a link to an external site that hosts your media is still doable, you can...